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change is coming!
Hello all,

So far we've received some lovely submissions to our contest due April 15th. Keep it up because I'm really impressed with what's been submitted. This has been our most well received contest in years so let's keep up the momentum. If you are interested in competing, you can look at the previous blog. I am not judging this contest, I'm just organizing and hosting it so I'll be competing in it along with you guys ^-^.

I have a challenge for you. If we can fill up the Couples folder by the end of 2017, that would be amazing. We are getting closer and closer to that goal everyday so my challenge is to fill up that folder by the end of this year. The Korra folder was filled up last June which was a great milestone for the group so let's continue with the other nearly completed folders.

On a more bad news kind of note, Turf Wars has been pushed back to the end of July due to time constraints and deadlines Irene Koh is required to meet. The team is working very hard to complete the much anticipated comic of the summer and they wanted everyone to know that they need to be patient because it will be well worth the wait. If you are anxious to see some of Turf Wars right now, you can check out the previews Miss Koh has been providing on her tumblr. Also, you can see other Turf Wars extras by watching the full Emerald City Comic Con panel which Koh appeared in.

For the cosplayers, if you live in the Anaheim area, California in general or like to travel, Wondercon is coming up this April so get your cosplay on because there will be panels and meet ups for fans of all ages. If you are a fan of high quality cons but don't like the huge crowds SDCC draws, Wondercon is defiantly the event for you. If you are cosplaying at Wondercon, send us your LOK or ATLA cosplay, we'd love to see it.

Still angry at the Kids Choice Awards for frequent mistreatment of the Avatar franchise and Nickelodeon's mistreatment overall? Let it out at our summer contest which you yourselves get to vote on the winner. Welcome to the Korra Choice Awards. More details on the summer contest will be posted when it gets closer.

If yo have any Korra/Avatar related news and or upcoming events we have not covered, note us and we will feature your news in our next news blog.

As always, thank you for checking out our group, Korra is the avatar and YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT!
You voted for it, now you got it.

Prompt: Women in the Avatar franchise have been a huge part of what makes the series truly wonderful. Strong and independent female characters who put others before themselves are why we should be seeing more females in action figure lines right? Well Mattel doesn't think so. We are going to show them how wrong they are by celebrating the incredible women of Avatar.

Rules: you may draw any female character or multiple characters and show us in your art what makes that particular character a symbol of female empowerment. you may use any medium except MS Paint, dA Muro, screenshot, photography manipulation, wallpaper, and pencil line art. These and stolen and hate art are strictly prohibited. The staff will select a winner based on creativity, originality and the overall message of the piece. You may submit multiple works however we will judge the one we deem to be your very may team up with othe artists so long as they all get full credit. Administrators are allowed to compete so long as they remain non biased in the winner selection. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be suspended from the group for a certain time period. Submit all works to the contest folder for judging. You are permitted to use a previous piece if you think it fits the theme of the contest.

To make things a little more interesting, instead of three winners, we will only select one winner and one runner up so participate and give it all you got. If only one user participates, no prizes will be awarded.

Grand prize: 500 points. Three month premium membership. Submission in featured folder. Three cake badges.

Runner up: 100 points, two cake badges, submission in featured folder.

All artwork must be submitted by April 15th(Korra Day)

Good luck and have fun :wave:
So today is it. It's the big journal, here we go. Happy Avatar Day

let's get to Avatar. We will post the details on the Women of Avatar contest tomorrow and since you voted for it, we expect to see some submissions. We recently got two lovely pieces and after tomorrow, we expect and hope to see more. But now let's all discuss why we are here on this group together

Avatar, a look back at the greatest animation franchise in Paramount history.

Ah Paramount. The oldest working film studio that runs its base of operations in Hollywood. They are the guys behind Nickelodeon which was going downhill in the 2000's mostly because of Spongebob's decline. And then came this random show about guys doing kung fu and we all say down and watched and we were hooked. It was not like anything Paramount had been producing at the time and it was an underrated award winner. The guys that brought this to you, you know them, everyone loves them. They brought us all here and we are kind of like a family.

It's no question that Avatar has some of the most beloved characters of the modern day. We have happy go lucky Aang, reasonable Sokka, devoted Katara, stubborn and sasssy Toph, lovable but hot headed Zuko and of course tea making Iroh. In korra we got a hotheaded sass of an avatar, strong willed Mako, adorable Bolin, independent Asami and the lovable Airbender kids plus a new colorful cast of characters that brought this group in particular into existence. While we are a Korra group, we wouldn't be here  if Avatar never happened. Avatar as a franchise has had some wonderful female representation and so much of this fandom is female. Women characters stand up for themselves, break tradition, sacrifice for loved ones and prove that women can be what they want to be. It's the women that truest are the heart of this show. We even have some fantastic female villanesses like the cunning Azula and the fascist Kuvira to name a few. The villains of Avatar have been excellent foils to our merry band of benders in both shows and push our heros to fight for what they truly want in life. But perhaps the most interesting of the villains is everyone's favorite ex villain brought to life by the wonderful Dante Basco. Zuko starts out as a straight up one dimensional character but grows into the most three dimensional character on the show. This is what great writers do. They give us dynamic characters that are flawed and relatable. The characters of the Avatar franchise also have broke social ground with Korra and Asami being the second animated LGBT couple in an animated show for kids, with Ruby and Sapphire being the first. Both shows broke so much ground and that's a big part of why we love them.
The visuals and sets in these shows are nothing short of beautiful from ember island to republic city. All the sets are amazing and serve to enhance the story and the world building coming from the characters. Then there is the music which consists of an Asian score by Jeremy Zuckerman and it can range from happy and free to haunting and depressing with some of the most beautiful music ever. Music makes the magic and I dare you to listen to the Korra soundtrack right now, you won't be disappointed. With realism in themes and rich Asian inspired culture, the Avatar world is truly one of the most engaging and sublime animated worlds ever created. It's not perfect but it holds up very well. The care into this franchise is amazing and it's what brought us here together. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Kids Choice Awards where our shows never got proper representation. So today let's give our franchise the love it deserves. Today we celebrate Avatar Day.

Happy 12 years Avatar, it has been a wild ride and hopefully will be one for years to come. :hug:. Thank you everyone for being a part of this fandom and a part of our group. And thank you to all the hard working people who brought Avatar to the screen.

Why do you love the Avatar franchise? Who is your favorite character and why? What show do you prefer?

We are starting Avatar Day today and it will run from today to tomorrow.  can you believe it's been 12 years of Avatar? So you ready? Here we go

Today is games and tomorrow is discussions.

Here's how the games work. To play the trivia game, note us your answers. The questions are a point each. the user who gets the most questions correct will win a prize of 20 points. Extra credit questions are two points each and will add 4 extra points to your score if you get them correct. The questions are meant to be difficult but you may use Avatar wiki for a referencei. Let's go!

1. list all of the named Avatars in the series in the order of their chronological appearance on the show, this includes the intro

2. What ship in the Avatar fandom(NOT korra) has the largest fanbase? What yearly activity do the fans of this ship participate in every July?

3. Who was the last character to be created for Avatar? Why was this character created last?

4. What is the name of the water tribe delicacy that Aang and Momo find disgusting? What variation of this dish shows up in season 3?

5. List all of the known relatives in Zuko's family including characters mentioned in The Search.

6. What is Aang's favorite dish? What episode did this traditional Chinese desert appear in?

7. What kind of animal was Appa originally going to be? Where does this animal actually appear in the franchise(Korra included)

8. What is the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom? What is different about it?

9. Name all the canonical pairings in Avatar.

10. What martial arts are each of the bending arts modeled after? What is special about Toph's preferred style?

11. What age was Korra when she first showed signs of being the Avatar? Why is this significant?

12. What is currently the most popular pairing in the Korra fanbase? How was this pairing confirmed to be canonical?

13. What nation was the least explored in Legend of Korra? What is the name of the remote tribe from this nation where Korra lost her connection with her memories and spirit?

14. What is the name of the Avatar world's version of Hell? What character from the original show has been imprisoned there for 70 years? How does Tenzin escape this place?

15. What real world movements and ideologies do each of the Korra villains represent? Who is the tallest of the Korra villains and how tall is this character?

16. What is the name of the Water tribe restaurant in Republic City where Korra takes Bolin on a date?

17. List all of the named air benders who appear in Legend of Korra. List all of the named Bison.

18. What was the fate of Bosco the bear?

19. What is the name of the tree that holds the spirit vines Kuvira uses in The Last Stand?

20. List all canonical pairings in the Legend of Korra


Extra Credit (2 points each)

What is the exact wording to Guru Lahima's poem?

List all of the named animal hybrids in the franchise.


To play the RPG game, comment in the journal's comment section by responding to the given prompt. Participants who decide to play the RPG game will each receive 10 points for participation.

Prompt: You and your friends are in downtown Republic City in a pro bending match. Your team is up against the Wolf Bats and you've just made it to the finals. Will you win or lose?


Korra, Bolin, Mako, Tahno, Wolfbat Earthbender, Wolfbat Firebender

Rules: Just keep your comments appropriate and constructive.

Good luck to all participants and HAVE FUN :wave:
Here are the events for Friday the 11th

In group games
Legend of Korra comments section RPG

Ultimate Avatar trivia contest

Ultimate Korra trivia contest

Turf Wars updates and forum(via my page)

Journals and Blogs(will be posted from tomorrow to the 11th)

Avatar in retrospective

The characters of Avatar lookback

The sets of Avatar lookback

Fan lookback: Cosplayer culture fan sites

The romance of Avatar: Shipping to the next level

Spring Contest:

The Women of Avatar Contest

Come join us for the ultimate Avatar event! :iconyesfinallyplz:

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