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April 4, 2013


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I changed the tittle of this post to make it less spoil-ish....

First, i know this is not Korra related. I'm submitting this "theory" because this "Zuko is a bastard son" has been bothering me since the release of The Search Part 1

Second, this is not a theory that i came up it, i found it in a forum from Avatar Wiki; it was submitted by an Anonymous User, do i don't know who to thank about it (if you're this anonymous user, or know who submitted it, please tell me in the comments below :))

Third, sorry for my crappy grammar :)

Fourth, you can download The Search Part 1 here…

Forum question

How do you feel about the whole 'zuko is not Ozai's son theory'?

Personally, I think it is a big misunderstanding. I actually want it to be one . Because if it proves to be true, then it contradicts a  lot of things established about Zuko's character in the series. I will be very disappionted if it happens. Also, do you think azula's and zuko's relationship will be on good terms by the end of the trilogy?

Anonymous User
I think it is as misleading letter... Ursa probably knew the letters she wrote to Ikem were never actually sent to him and she wanted Ozai to think that Zuko were not his son.

First of all, why I think it would be incoherent Zuko not being Ozai's son:

Iroh stated in the episode "The Avatar and the Fire Lord" that zuko carries the burden of the strifle between the Avatar and the Fire Nation Royal Family because he was a descendant of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin... so he must be Ozai's son to that be true. Besides, when Ursa was taken by Fire Lord Azulon and Ozai, she had just accepted Ikem's proposal, wich could mean they had never had sex, and thus she could not be pregnant of Zuko when she left her hometown.

Second, why, then, would Ursa want Ozai to think Zuko is not his son?

Maybe Ursa was trying to get herself AND Zuko expelled from the Royal Family, so she could return to Ikem and her familly with her son. Ursa expressed painful feelings when Ozai said she had to serve all conections with her past life, and she had to leave the love of her life to marry him, so I think it is only natural that she would try to do anything to leave the Royal Family and return to her old life. But, as Ozai made clear, she, from the moment she maried him, was "detached" from her entire past, so only somethin big could break the vows and bounds she took when she maried Ozai. And she wanted to take Zuko with her as she knew that Ozai was a cruel and horrible person, someone not suitable as a father. If she knew that her letters were never taken to Ikem, but to Ozai instead (ot that the attendant would read the letter and show it to Ozai due to it's content), she could had mislead him into thinking that Zuko was a bastard son, which could get them both banished. It seems a rather good plan to me.

Now, what could have gone wrong?

We will find out why Ozai, thinking that Zuko was a bastard son, did not banish him and Ursa from the Fire Nation when Part II and III come out, but my guess is that he didn't do this because he already had plans to become Fire Lord instead of Iroh, and this scandal could make the chances of him rising to the throne quite slim. Then, when he had the chance, he banished Ursa (presumably for killing his father) and started to make Zuko's life a living hell, fulfilling his revenge AND ascending to the throne (I theorize that Ursa murdered Azulon because of the evidence given when Ozai said she did vicious treason that night, but it would make sense since she probably hated Fire Lord Azulon for destroying her life with Ikem). Maybe Ozai only proposed to his father to remove his brother birth rights after the lost of his son because he knew his father would punish him by ordering him to kill Zuko. So, Zuko would be sacrificed and Ursa would sufer for the rest of her life for the rest of her life or Ursa would do the only thing that could save Zuko: to kill Fire Lord Azulon, which would get her banished and would give Ozai to punish Zuko. Either waym he would have his revenge.

Anyway, my point is it makes sense Ozai to THINK that Zuko is not his son. Maybe Ozai never knew the truth about Zukos being his son or not, and that is why he treated Zuko so bad and prefferd Azula. Zuko stated in "The ember Island Players" that his family has "actally been happy". Maybe what drove the Royal Familly into ruins in terms of family relationship was exactly this: Ozai thoght that Zuko was not his son because Ursa wanted him to think that. Besides, Ozai was unthinkably mean to his son: he scared him, humilhated him, banished him from his country and even tried to kill him. Twice (in "The Day of the Black Sun, part II" and was clearly going to sacrifice him to gain back the respect from his father, as shown in "Zuko Alone"). But his treatment towards Azula was much more soft, and he clearly preffered her, because he thought she was his legitime offspring.

However, Ozai thinking that Zuko is not his son doesn't mean this is the truth. I dont think that Ozai THINKING that Zuko is not his son changes anythingin the series. It just endorses everything that has happened to Zuko (remember that Ursa, before leaving the Fire Nation, said that everything she had done, she had done for Zuko - even if, in the end, it backfired to Ursa: she had to leave the Fire Nation without her son, and his life bacame as miserable as it could be after that).

I think people are just overreacting so much about this "Zuko is not Ozai's son" that they did not stop to think and realize that the end of Part I DOES NOT contraditcs the entire series uo to this point, but only reinforces it. I personally think th "The Search" will be great, and I like it very much up to this point. They have developed a dense backhistory for Ursa, Ozai, Zuko and Azula, and the end was thrilling, to say the least.

I think people should stop freaking out and wait for Part II and III to come. I personally can't wait till June 10th!

I dont think that Azula's and Zukos's relationship will get any better... Azula is too messed up because she knows that her mother preffered Zuko, and she will hatehim for having the love of her mother foverer. I personaly think that Azula will die in the end of "The Search" and will finally find her redenption.

Now, just a theory:

Come to think of it, what if Ursa is long dead, and it is her spirit Azula's been talking to? Maybe Ursa's spirit i trying to show how she loved Azula, because she was never able to show it when she was alive! Maybe Azulas has never been halucinating at all!

But I have nothing to back this theory up lol. Still, I think that would be great!

This theory DOES make sense. We all know that Ursa would make anything for her son, even make her husband and biological father of her son THINK that his son is a bastard, just to make Ozai exile both Ursa and Zuko...
Yeah, i do like this theory, a lot!
A lot of thanks to that anonymous user that came up with this ;)

You guys what do you think about this?
What is your theory?

Another thing that i would like to discuss is Zuko and Azula's relationship, but that will happen in another post ;)
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Aryie Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Yeah, I support this theory wholeheartedly.
If it is true, then I REALLY want to see Ozai's face when/if he finds out it was a trick. XD
Pocky-Japan-Ai-epic Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wait a minute- this was meant to be like a historical shows then there is no possible way to find out who zukos biological father is. DNA tests didn't exist I that world either. Ursa just wants to think Zuko is Ikems son because she probably doesn't want zuko to end up like Ozai. Plus would they really go this far for a comic also mentioned for freakin 7 year old kids?
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Samhand315 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Wait a minute! Has more Avatar stuff been released? I'm confused. What is going on????? I've been so into school I haven't been doing much with television....
Thoralmir Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Anon here can't spellcheck worth a damn. :P
Rilawa Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
i think Zuko is ozai's son coz if not Ursa would have had to cheat on Ozai and i don't think the creators would add that when so many little kids follow Avatar
Katara-Alchemist Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student General Artist
I actually have no problem believing that Zuko isn't Ozai's son. Yes, Iroh states that Zuko's connection to the former avatar and past firelords is important, but that doesn't invalidate anything. Iroh is operating on what he KNOWS. As far as he knows, Zuko is Ozai's son. He (as far as WE know) has no reason to think otherwise. We have to remember that characters never know as much as we know, so while it may seem like Iroh should know it's very easy to imagine that he doesn't.

And I'm guessing the idea of Zuko not being his son wouldn't be something Ozai would want to advertise. Zuko was, after all, his heir once he succeeded in his plan of becoming firelord. He couldn't banish Ursa and Zuko. What logic could he have to banish a child? He need a good reason, something that would work to get rid of Zuko without ruining what his people thought of him. That way the illegitimate heir is out of the way, and Ozai can continue with his plan of world domination with Azula as an heir. I'm pretty sure he was looking for a way to get rid of Zuko for YEARS until he finally managed to banish him.

And as for the whole "no-premarital sex" thing, we don't know the exact standards of Firenation society. We know what they're BASED on, but not what they actually are. Besides. It's not like every single person listens to societal rules.

And besides, Zuko was nothing compared to his sister in many of the battles. Azula was technically much more powerful, but she didn't think things through and eventually went nuts and lost. Zuko is, honestly, a pretty average firebender.
helenavampire Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It would make alot of sense if Zuko isn't really Ozai's son, but i still feel sorry for much trauma can they put one child through.
Seems a bit unfair.
So when the next book come out ?
yourmom10 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
It's like Jon Snow all over again.
KateriTekakwitha Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student General Artist
zuko is MOST DEFINANTLY ozai's son. they have the same eyes. even iroh and zuko have the same eyes, and you've probably noticed how surprisingly wonderful and believable Team Avatar is with designing genetically related characters to look genetically related. even that picture we saw of eska, if she had not been announced as korra's ousin, bryke and that crew make it beatifully evident that they must be related. thats why i knew amon was either tarrlock or his brother or first cousin. they had the same eyes, the same way about them, even similar voices (bryke does that too; look at the voices of iroh and zuko, both huskish very unique voices)
ShuiYue Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
I prefer this therory
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